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National Epilepsy Day 2021: Theme, Symptoms and How to Deal with the Seizures

Noticed on November 17, Nationwide Epilepsy Day is aimed toward creating consciousness about epilepsy. The day serves as a possibility to coach folks and assist them perceive extra concerning the illness, its signs, and therapy.

What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a power non-communicable dysfunction within the mind which generates transient, robust and sudden irregular bursts {of electrical} vitality. This impacts many different elements and features of the mind resulting in recurrent unprovoked seizures. When these seizures occur twice or extra, it’s often noticed because the case of epilepsy. Recurrent seizures are transient episodes which will trigger involuntary motion within the physique – partially or solely. Lack of consciousness and management of bladder perform are further indicators which can accompany the seizures. Seizures episodes happen because of the extreme discharges within the neurons. Folks at any age can get affected by this. Nonetheless, points and experiences can differ from individual to individual of various age teams.


-Sudden spasm(uncontrollable jerking motions)

-Lack of consciousness

-Tingling sensation in arms or legs  (feeling of pricking)

-Stiffness in muscular tissues


-Mind injury from prenatal and perinatal harm

-Congenital abnormalities

-Mind Infections

-Stroke and Mind Tumors

-Head Damage/ Accidents

-Extended excessive fever throughout childhood

There are multiple sort of seizure in epilepsy. Some are innocent whereas others could be life-threatening. Being a mind disruptor, it impacts virtually each a part of the physique.  At occasions, a seizure could be related to sure circumstances that work as seizure triggers. The triggers are evident over a time frame.


-Lack of sleep

-Bodily fatigue or overexertion

-Bodily or emotional stress

-Sizzling and humid surroundings

-Alcohol or different drug use

How To Deal With Seizures:

-Don’t panic

-Loosen any tight or uncomfortable neckwear

-Permit the affected person to relaxation or sleep

-Put a gentle pillow underneath their head

-Take away sharp or different dangerous objects from across the individual

-Don’t put something into the affected person’s mouth as there’s a worry of swallowing tongue

-Roll the affected person onto one aspect so any fluid within the mouth can spurt out.

Ideas For Sufferers:

-Take medicines commonly as prescribed by the physician, even when not having seizures.

-Don’t discontinue the medication or therapy with out the physician’s recommendation.

-Seek the advice of the physician if taking another medicines.

-Keep away from alcohol because it provokes seizures.

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